Television And Childhood Obesity

Technology is a wonderful thing, but additionally, it has the ability with regards to the health of our kids to be one of our enemies. Childhood obesity is a growing outbreak, and video games iPads and TV appear to be doing more bad than good. Childhood obesity is due to lots of factors. A lot of parents use technologies as a way to keep their kids occupied while they’re busy working, driving, shopping, etc. The American Academy of Pediatrics says that kids spend an average of 7 hours a day using the world wide web, playing video games and watching television.

The maximum time daily is 2 or 1 hours. A YMCA survey concluded that over 50% of children between ages 5 also 10 spend less than four times weekly playing outside. The study showed that nearly 75% of parents made the choice to spend time viewing Television with their kids rather than doing pursuits. Its clear that the parents have in time their child spends with technologies, the power. Granted, economic factors also play a role in the struggle of technology vs. Physical activities. More than ever before, parents are working to make ends meet while coordinating their programs with their kids schedules they find impossible to make time for pursuits that are physical.

Also, families with economic problems have to choose between afterschool as a sport and paying rent or\/ the mortgage. They must teach them also lead by example. For one, they could allow their kids to utilize technologies only at allotted times. Parents should become strict about the rules regarding when kids can play video games, watch TV, and play on their iPads. Ample time should be allocated for removing books, especially before bedtime. Play with your children. There’s no better way to bond together with your kids than to put yourself out there also play together with them. Go to the park also swing on the swings together.

Play a game of hopscotch. Teach them a sport thats new to them such as tennis or basketball. Ride your bicycles on the park trail or play tag. Work up a perspiration with them! – Have a calendar only for special and fun events. You can plan an action every weekend and even throughout the week. Get your kids involved and ask them what theyd such as to do. Maybe they want to learn just how to rock climb, roller skate, play a brand new sport or go to a children yoga class. Utilize this summer to go to a water park to keep cool, bond also be active. By all means, keep technologies away from during meal time. Tablets, phones along with other devices shouldn’t be used while kids have been at the dinner table, also the same applies to parents. All devices shouldn’t be at arms reach when eating meals.