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The three day diet blends types of foods which react in a way to increase metabolism. You will burn fat at a higher speed than usual, but be careful and do not misuse the ability of the response of the diet. This reaction is so strong that the three day diet may last 3 days, beyond. By taking off the ability of the reaction has to be respected and must be followed closely. You must follow the proportions when on the diet. If you don’t follow the proportions, then you miss out on your new body and’ll spontaneously combust. Breakfast on the first day starts with one half a grapefruit, coffee, and a bit of toast.

For lunch, you are allowed a bit of toast a can of tuna, and coffee. Dinner is composed of one cup of regular vanilla ice cream, a cup of legumes, one cup of carrots and 3 ounces of lean or poultry meat. The diet’s two days are the same as the first day, though the menus are different. Eat two beef franks for dinner in place of 3 ounces of lean meat. The science supporting this shift seems to be a very big secret and the writer refuses to uncover it. The 3 day diet claims which you could lose 10 pounds in 3 days.

Whether or not you actually lose 10 pounds isn’t important, how could it be? The 3 day diet doesn’t exist. It is all make believe. Is there any other conclusion to make? This three day diet is a bad fad. The strong reaction, caused by specific food combinations, is exploitation at its best. Who would not be lured to purchase a brand new weight reduction product proven to dramatically lessen your weight and improve your health? Can that the 3 day diet cause weight reduction? Absolutely. Simple caloric restriction will take off the pounds. The 3 day diet is nothing, but a severe calorie restriction over an extremely short time period.

Followers of that the diet will soon start asking for refunds. Severe calorie restriction causes Diet Shock, a state of energy conservation to defend against starvation. Your metabolic process drops drastically followed by weight regain. Another disadvantage to that the 3 day diet is that the restriction on carbohydrates. Once the dieter goes back to eat a normal diet and consume a normal amount of carb, this water weight will be accumulated back. Smith is the medical advisor chief for Diet Basics, a weight based weight reduction web site dedictated to all dieters.