Gaming And Weight Gain

watching TV\/DVD, computer time and non active gaming combined) were found in favor of the intervention group. We found that the intervention had no effects, either positive or negative, on the levels of self reported physical activity or the intakes of sugar sweetened beverages and snacks. Compliance with the intervention was very low, even though the teens in the intervention team were significantly more inclined to play the video games for a minumum of one hour per week compared to adolescents in the control group .It’s important to acknowledge the ORs for active gaming should not be interpreted as hazard ratios because of the high percentage of the sample who reported they engaged in active gaming for a minumum of one hour per week at each time point.

The control group exhibited improvements whilst the intervention group remained stable. The process evaluation didn’t provide whatever reason to think that the adolescents within the control group purchased Move packages themselves and started playing active video games. No evidence was found that indicated differences in life style behaviors between this control and intervention group. Though the intervention aimed to allow and motivate the participants to participate in video gaming, just 14% of the participants in the intervention team was able to play during the intervention period for a minumum of one hour per week. The dose of video game play that was active may have been inadequate to induce differences from the anthropometrics between the control group and the intervention. Another reason behind a lack of an impact on the body mass indicator SDS of the intervention group may be that our analysis focused on a group of gaming teens who were of weight that is healthful. In accordance with our studys purpose, i., to assess the role of active play in this primary prevention of overweight and obesity from youth,- we therefore didn’t select a high risk group like adolescents who were already obese or overweight.

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